The Quality Assurance Institute’s (QAI)

At DKW, we are proud of our long-standing commitment to quality in the services we provide and in the processes we use to deliver those services. We strive for excellence in all aspects of business and believe that both continuing education and professional certifications help us to better meet our clients’ needs. The Quality Assurance Institute (QAI) is one of the certifications our company and employees are working hard to achieve in order to provide the highest quality service and support to our customers.

The QAI’s founding objective was and remains to provide leadership in improving quality, productivity, and effective solutions for process management in the information services profession. It is a global membership organization serving over 1000 corporate members, which structured to share state-of-the-art methods, tools, and techniques. DKW is currently sponsoring several of our team members in their pursuit of QAI certification.