Collaboration Through SharePoint

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SharePoint is an online application available to DKW employees for use in Team or Communities of Interest (COIs) collaboration

Five (5) features designed to promote virtual information and content communication include:

  • Anywhere Access – Upload files to a SharePoint document library for anywhere access. BYOD to view document libraries via computers, laptop, and cell phones.
  • Tool Interoperability – Edit documents using standard Microsoft Office applications. The online rendering may not have the same presentation fidelity as the desktop version. SharePoint supports the online editing as well as desktop version editing..
  • Collaborative Working Space – Work with others editing the same document at the same time. SharePoint support multiple edits in the document at the same time. The initials of the personin the document are displayed for easy recognition of who is doing what
  • Document Sharing – Share documents using files or folders. Document files and folders can either be shared through the SharePoint site, or as an embedded link in an email.
  • Version Control – Keep previous versions of a document while making changes. Note: All versions count against your SharePoint storage usage.